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Farmington man faces charge after walking around downtown with toy gun tucked in shorts

One person’s paranoia does not constitute terrorizing action by another person.

If the accused never performed a threatening act then how can it be terrorizing? Perhaps he did, but the article doesn’t mention any such act.

Maine is an open carry state. According to the article the weapon was not concealed. So as long as he did not brandish the weapon is a threatening manner then he broke no law, as I see it.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. If anyone finds another article that describes the accused’s action further then please share it with me.

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The Truth About Women in Combat

I support the idea of women in combat. We should always be striving for equality! But achieving this ideal is going to be more difficult than and take longer than many people realize.

The problem is outlined very well in this article. But the bottom line from my perspective is that until there is one physical requirement for each job, regardless of gender, then there is no equality. One standard for all or equality for none. If a person can meet the physical standard for Infantry then let them be in infantry.

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